Nature of Vysočina Region

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About us

The Vysočina Region Branch of the Czech Society for Ornithology deals with nature conservation and research with the focus on avifauna. We are non-profit-making organisation that was founded in 2007 and that unites people interested in ornithology and nature conservation in the Vysočina Region. We are a corporate body and we carry our activities in harmony with our commission and aims.

The aims of our organisation:

  • the research and protection of birds and their environment;
  • nature and countryside conservation;
  • environment conservation;
  • ecological education and education of our own members as well as the public.

The main form of achieving the aims of our organisation is supplying the beneficial activities in the areas of environment conservation, in particular:

  • organising the people interested in theoretical and practical ornithology and birds and their environment protection;
  • carrying out of ornithological research, announcing our own activities and joining regional, national and international projects;
  • carrying out of practical protection of birds and their environment in harmony with operating acts of law, EU standards and international contracts in form of announcing our own events and joining the regional, national and international projects; there is also a land association that deals with the practical care on the localities;
  • participation in an administrative procedures dealing with the conservation of nature, countryside and environment; participation in the assessment of the influences of programmes and concepts on the environment; participation at the programme dealings in the area of land-use planning and other conceptual documents, in particular with regards to protection of birds and their environment;
  • cooperation with the authorities of public administration in protection of birds and their environment;
  • carrying out of economy activities mainly in the area of the care of the birds and their environment, in particular to provide the resources for fulfilling the aims of our activities.

Since our foundation, we have realised tens of projects, whose list together with basic characteristics and results may be read here: In the area of nature conservation, research and education, we cooperate with other organisations and individuals.